My Indicator for Share

Hi Everyone !


  Today I want to share indicator I use for my trading, I made and coded this indicator by myself.

There are similar indicator out there but I like to make my own indicator..


So here it is..

Awesome Indicator with signal and Alert

Download: AO Indicator with Signal and Alert

Sywa Info and Alert

I use this indicator to show market info and current trading Status

Download: Sywa Info And Alert


This indicator is for Free So please download and Enjoy !

if you have any comment or suggestions about the Indicator please do not hesitate to contact me.


Disclaimer: If you downloaded and want to use this Indicator, please test it at Demo account first before using it on real Account. I have no guarantee over this script/software and I will not be taken responsible for any losses that incurred by using this code/program. Use it at your own Risk !






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